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During each year you send us many emails and letters to thank, or to praise us for our service.

For these we are very grateful and it is pleasing that our efforts are being appreciated by so very many.

Now 12 years on, we are only continuing to publish the best from each preceding year and all these are shown below.

If yours is no longer here we apologise, but do appreciate you taking the time to make feedback and hope you will again.

Please continue to send in all your comments, as when we choose the best for 2017 this might just be the one you supplied!



SENT IN BY: Veronica (11th October 2016)         

Coming to the end of my regular seasonal work abroad I browsed the jobs on your website and applied for three. Although I did get interviews for two of them, the dates were no good because I had not yet returned to Bridlington. I decided to telephone you for assistance and your Roger was most helpful, going on to contact both prospective employers on my behalf to explain the situation. My interviews then became postponed and I had one of them the day I got back and the other on the day after. Both jobs I secured, so the only hard thing about using this site was having to decide which job to accept!!

From, Veronica Delaney.

Aiya Napa. CYPRUS and Windsor Cresent. BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: Trudy (9th February 2015)         

In my ten years of using this website for myself and grown-up family, I have secured three full time jobs. None of these did I see advertised anywhere else. My personal current job from here, I have been happy in since 2012 and my employer told me that they had the biggest and best response ever for a local vacancy listing!

From, Trudy Frampton.

Richmond Street. BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: Brandon (2nd August 2014)         

I required a team of Bricklayers, for a new Summer Project on the outskirts of Hull. One two week advert was placed by me on Gumtree and a similar advertisement was placed with yourselves for the same two week period. From Gumtree I got one response and he wasn't even a Bricklayer, but said that he was a fast learner! Eastyorkshirejobs.com produced 17 local applicants, of which 14 were possibilities. Although I only required 8 workers at that time, the details of all the other suitable candidates were kept on file by me and at the end of July, we recruited an additional 3. I know it sounds clichéd, but the £30 that was spent with you to recruit, was probably the best £30 I have ever spent (well certainly the most cost effective!).

From, Brandon Smith.

Brandon Building Co. HULL.



SENT IN BY: Mike (4th September 2013)         

We are now in the happy position of having appointed 2 new Software Engineers, so clearly our advertisement on your Website has been a huge success – thank you. We have also now had 45 applicants for the Sales Administrator Designate position, from which I am currently interviewing 15 prospective candidates. From this I anticipate being able to draw up a short list before selecting and appointing a final candidate, so once again – thank you. Please could I ask you to remove both these advertisements from your Web site now and leave you with our thanks and gratitude for your help and assistance with our recruitment projects.

From, Mike Anderson (Group General Manager).

Radical Shock Limited / Carnaby Gaming Machines Limited, BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: Martin (5th November 2012)         

East Yorkshire Jobs has now become the first place I turn to when recruiting staff for our charity, after we ran several very successful advertising campaigns over the last few years for both Bridlington & Goole. The response that we get is excellent and the price we pay is also excellent, meaning our funds go further during these challenging times. I am always particularly impressed at the quality of candidates the jobsite attracts and would recommend that other local employers try out this regional recruitment site for themselves.
From, Martin (Strategic Development Manager).

The Hinge Centre Limited, BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: David (6th March 2011)         

We would like to portray to any customers that are thinking of using this service exactly how successful advertising with East Yorkshire Jobs has been, we had an immediate response and a remarkable amount of very suitable candidates, by far more than using the traditional paper advertising we have previously used. The candidates were also far easier to reply & sort through, saving us hours of time. We were eventually left with several suitable candidates and in fact had difficulty in choosing, which definitely has not always been the case with press advertising.
We would not hesitate to use you again and can advise anyone that should ask, to do the same.
I wish you every success for your efforts in the future.
David White H.R.D.dg.Dip MD.

Griffin Jewellers, BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: Vanessa (1st July 2010)         

With reference to the advertisement I booked last week for cleaners.

I was amazed to see that you have charged me exactly the same price, as for the last advert which I placed back in 2005.

We always knew we would come back the very next time I needed staff, but never thought after all this time that the cost would have remained unchanged.

Also am pleased to report, that I am now getting an even bigger response to my ad, but that is obviously because you are more established. However more applicants for the same price, has to make me think your site's now even more so, the most cost effective kind of recruitment advertising in this region.

From, Vanessa Williams.

Contemporary Cottages, HORNSEA.



SENT IN BY: Paul (20th November 2009)         

We needed another driver and the advertisement placed on your site exceeded our expectations.

In the one week I booked, we received more than 200 applicants.

Many of these were suitable.

In the end we employed 3 people (a job share I suppose you call it) although in total they will work about 70 hours per week.

May I also say that your customer service is excellent and goes far beyond the call of duty.

To anyone reading this that is unsure about using the site, I recommend that you do.

For the price, you will not get better results and user satisfaction anywhere else - I know, as I have tried.

Regards, Paul.

Direct Distribution, BRIDLINGTON.



SENT IN BY: Richard (19th August 2008)         

Thanks for filling my vacancies so quick.

It seems I got the largest regional audience for my advert, at the smallest cost?

My wife says it's like placing an advert in the local newspaper, but to a larger audience at a fraction of the price.

I will have more positions (new) to fill shortly and will have no hesitation in placing the ad online again with you - but this time I will be more prepared for the big response and I will get someone to man my phone full time for the duration of the listing!

Thanks again, Richard Cooper.

Coopers Curtains (HULL OFFICE).



SENT IN BY: Graham (20th June 2007)

When searching for Bridlington jobs online, you get directed to lots of different websites that don't actually have available any jobs in Bridlington! What a refreshing change therefore to come across your jobsite and I feel that I must email to compliment you on the good range of vacancies you constantly list for the area.

Great site, thank you,

Graham B.

St. Davids Lane, Flamborough.



SENT IN BY: Andy (25th April 2006)          

Subject: Carnaby Gaming Machines Ltd - Success, many thanks (CAMPAIGN 18th MARCH to 18th APRIL 2006)

Hi BridJobs,

That was a very successful corporate page - quality applicants (as well as quantity).

I have filled three full-time posts and passed two strong applicants to our sister company.

All-round good service and high visibility - many thanks.

Best regards,

Andy Walker.

Carnaby Gaming Machines Limited.



SENT IN BY: Personnel Woolworths (20th August 2005)          

Subject: New Bridlington Jobs Site

To whom it may concern,

We are writing to let you know how pleased we have been with our first advert on your new website.

Our vacancy is now filled, thank you.

The idea you have had, for becoming the single place where all local jobs are publicised, has been a long time coming!

When we spoke to you on the telephone to book our advertisement, you told us that you are soon going to roll out this new unique service to the whole of the East Riding and probably change your name to 'East Yorkshire Jobs', well if you do we wish you every continuing success and good luck because you deserve it.

For sure we will recommend you to all other Woolworth Stores in this region, who will then also be able to benefit, like we have been, from your inexpensive and hopefully expanded, regional recruitment service.


Woolworths - Bridlington.


This is the true story of a big shop and a little shop in Bridlington. In January 2007 the big shop put two tiny posters in their window advertising for staff. Due to lack of response, about one month later they replaced the two tiny posters with two gigantic posters, in fact this time so big they just about filled the whole of one window! A neighbouring little shop, had a similar retail vacancy featured on this website at the same time. In less than twelve hours the little shop asked for the advert to be removed due to the response and the position was filled. Those two gigantic posters in the window of the big shop remained in place for many weeks after, in fact one remained there a total of four months for all the world to see, that is of course if you happened to pass by!